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Thunder Bay, Ontario

With the world’s largest freshwater lake right at our doorstep, and with some of Canada’s best outdoor recreation, Thunder Bay provides unforgettable experiences and limitless adventure. Set against a backdrop of lush boreal forests and the dazzling splendor of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay has a wealth of natural wonders that will amaze and astound in equal measure. Discover a city buzzing with dynamic and cutting-edge arts, culture and history. Visit neighborhoods energized by avant-garde art creations, forward-thinking eateries and distinctly local boutiques, shops and galleries.

Top Excursions & Activities

These may vary based on the cruise line you choose. More excursions and attractions are listed on the itineraries at their site.

Enjoy a more intimate cruising experience

Visit multiple U.S. and Canadian ports

Experience excursions rich with culture and history

Traverse along a safe and secure border

Cruise Lines

Listed below are the cruise lines that dock at this port.

Victory Cruise Lines
From immersive, educational shore excursions, to free-flowing wine, beer and spirits aboard, Victory Cruise Lines redefines luxury cruising on The Great Lakes.
Pearl Seas Cruises
Pearl Seas Cruises defines Luxury Adventureā„¢ every day with enticing destinations that bring regional culture and natural beauty to life.

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